Commercial Alarms.

We can secure your livelihood and business interests with maximum effect at minimum cost.

At Intellisec, we pride ourselves on experience when it comes to protecting Businesses and property. For the past 25 years, we have installed a vast range of Intruder Alarm & CCTV systems in commercial properties, right across Ireland. We have worked for many large retail chains and corporate clients, as well as State and Semi-state bodies where a high standard of work is expected – as well as delivered on time.

Being licensed by the Private Security Authority and having our own fully comprehensive insurance cover, means you can relax knowing your system is being installed by fully qualified experts. Our job is to help you identify risk and then help you eliminate it - by fitting a 'Graded' security system that meets the challenge. We can design and install 'Grade-2' AND 'Grade-3' type commercial alarm systems, depending on the requirements of your insurance company. We can also provide 'Grade-4 Signaling' when it is requested, as is sometimes the case in high risk properties like Banks or Jewellers, etc.

Whether you have a small Corner Shop or a Factory Warehouse, we can secure your livelihood and business interests with maximum effect at minimum cost. We will identify the weak spots and vulnerable areas of your business, and highlight ways you can address them. This might be with an Intruder Alarm, or CCTV - or a combination of both. Coupled with our 24hr Monitoring Service, this ensures a full response by the necessary emergency services when you need them.

All of our Commercial Intruder Alarms also allow remote App access to authorised personnel, meaning you can now have full control of the system while on the go. This allows you check in with your system at any time, allowing you to arm / disarm the system yourself if necessary. The App also provides a full log of the system, such as times / dates when the system was set / unset, and by whom.

Perhaps it's time you considered an upgrade, even a service inspection; or just a review of your security measures to ensure you are one step ahead of the thieves!

Commercial burglar alarms, Wexford

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