24 Hour Monitoring.

Providing you with complete peace of mind.

It's a known fact that nobody pays any heed to an Alarm Siren sounding anymore. This results from a culture of False Alarms over the years - caused by the failure of homeowners to maintain their systems properly, in addition to systems being installed by inexperienced & unlicensed installers.

Adding professional 24hr Monitoring to your security system brings your security to the next level - where a response is guaranteed no matter what, providing you with complete peace of mind in case you can’t be contacted. Added to the fact that Gardai will arrive at your premises in the event of a confirmed activation, this means the criminals are 'up against it' from the outset and means they are much less likely to target your premises - especially when there is less risk and easier pickings to have elsewhere.

Monitored alarm systems, Wexford

Most insurers now dictate that there must be a 24hr monitored alarm (connected to a manned Central Station) on every Commercial property, in order to meet requirements

Intellisec provide 24hr monitoring for both Alarm AND CCTV systems, through our monitoring partners at 'Diamond Point' - where highly trained and PSA licensed operators are waiting to deal with activations from your property 24hrs a day from their state-of-the-art EN50518 Control Room. A direct dedicated line to the Garda Control Room means there is no delay whatsoever is summoning assistance to your property.

Intellisec run special offers for existing customers of OTHER monitoring stations who might like to change and save some money - so be sure to contact us today!

Secure GSM Vs Blockers & Radio Jammers.

All of our 24hr monitoring solutions utilise the GSM / GPRS network - which means no traditional phone line is required (which could be cut by intruders). Old traditional 'Radio' systems are also outdated; they work on 'open frequencies' within the VHF / UHF radio spectrum - which are susceptible to blocking or jamming from a nearby transmitter on the same frequency. They are also reliant on a series of 'repeaters' as links in the chain to get the signal back to the Monitoring Station, exposing them to even higher outages.

Our CSL Single-path, Dual-path & Tri-path GPRS & IP units utilise TWO-WAY communication DIRECTLY with our 24hr Monitoring partner - meaning any attempt to ‘jam’ or ‘block’ the signal will result in an alert in the Control Room, notifying the Controller of a possible intrusion attempt at your premises (making it counter-productive to the criminal). Also to avoid false activations from network outages, these units utilise a concept known as a “World SIM” – meaning they contain a roaming SIM, registered on ALL the mobile networks such as Vodafone, Meteor, Three, O2 etc. – simply switching to a different network if one should fail or lose signal. Depending on your requirements (particularly Commercial), we can supply different Grade units based on your circumstances - or in certain cases those dictated by your insurers, such as Grade 3 or Grade 4 Signalling meeting EN50136 requirements.

CCTV Monitoring.

Using our CSL High Speed 4G Routers we can connect your remote CCTV site to our 24hr Monitoring Partner at very cost-effective prices, without the need for Broadband or big Data Contracts. These routers sit happily alongside any existing IT infrastructure, have their own dedicated encrypted VPN and static IP - ensuring they cannot be hacked or interfered with from any external source.

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24hr Monitoring - Wexford, Ireland

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