Access Control Systems.

What is an "Access Control System"?

Simply defined, the term "Access Control" describes any technique used to control passage into or out of a controlled area. A door that uses a traditional brass lock is actually still a simple form of "Access Control" – (as is an Alarm System).

Over the years, Access Control Systems have become far more advanced and sophisticated. Nowadays the term "Access Control System" generally refers to a computer-based, electronic card or PIN code access control system, protecting a door or secured area. This uses a special "Access Card / Fob" or "PIN Code" rather than a brass key, to permit access to a secured area.

Access Control Systems are most commonly used to control entry to internal and external doors, restricting them to authorised personnel only. This allows the owner full control over which members of staff have access, and to what areas.

At Intellisec Security, we can design everything from a SINGLE door access system, to a 50+ door access system. We can provide 'stand alone' or 'PC Based' systems that provide users or companies with full control over who goes where, and when.

Example of an Access Control System.

A supermarket has 30 employees and each employee has their own personal PIN Code, Card or Fob. All doors off the shop floor and office areas are controlled by an Access Control System. Each user's PIN / Card / Fob is programmed with individual privileges.

Normal Floor staff have access via any doors leading to changing rooms, Canteen & Storeroom - however their PIN / Card / Fob will not allow them access to the Managers Offices, Accounts, or Strongroom areas. Likewise, Accounts staff might have access privileges for doors to the Canteen and other designated areas, but not the Storeroom or changing areas. The Manager in this instance would have full privileges for ALL areas.

Doors can also be individually configured, such as 'open permanently' between 9am - 5pm, and lock automatically outside those times; or a 'timed' card could be provided to the Bread Delivery man, which only allows him access to the rear porch external door between the hours of 5am - 6am but only 6 days a week.

If a member of staff leaves, their PIN / Card / Fob is just simply deleted off the system - with instant effect.

Door systems can be as elaborate or as simple as required - like a staff member attempting to present their Fob at a door where they are not permitted, resulting in a log being stored in the software. People's movements can be tracked throughout the building on a daily basis, including direct mapping to CCTV clips of the person entering a particular door.

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